Private Equity Resources

While nothing beats first-hand experience working in private equity or in dealing with private equiteers, the internet has made available tons of resources and communities that can help to accelerate your learning / understanding. I thought it was best to create a page with my top recommendations for all you newbies and experiences folks who aspire to break into private equity or just to learn more about industry best practices.

I will continue to add to this page in an effort you give you the best resources possible. In the meantime, if you have any recommendations to add, please do let me know via the contact link in the footer.

Financial Modelling

1. Wall Street Prep Premium Package — WSP is a well known provider of financial training for many reputable investment bank and funds. They reached out to me to review their offerings and I think their flagship package would provide a very comprehensive crash course if to anyone looking to break into private equity or investment banking without any prior experience. While it is not strictly necessary and certainly isn't cheap (use coupon code EQUITEER for 15% off), it does give you a leg up in recruiting for competitive positions. If you have prior finance or investment banking experience already, I would recommend you check out their Private Equity Masterclass package instead.

2. Wall Street Oasis Elite Modeling Package — WSO is the foremost finance community and well known provider of high quality courses related to investment banking and private equity. They reached out to me to review their offerings and I think their modelling package is a compelling product for anyone looking to brush up on financial modelling skills. It is priced similarly to Wall Street Prep's package and is of similar quality. Use this link to get a 20% discount. If you are more interested in Private Equity skills hollistically, I would recommend checking out WSO's Private Equity Master Program instead.

Online Communities

1. Wall Street Oasis — WSO is by far the largest and most active online community of finance professionals. Naturally, this is where you would find the most updated and nuanced intel on the industry from actual professionals. Most of the content is geared towards breaking-in advice / career progression and random musings of junior bankers and private equiteers. However, the occasional serious post from seasoned professionals make this a worthwhile community to be a part of. Some threads of note:

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Why Do People Choose Megafunds Over MM

Private Equity Specific

1. Wall Street Prep Private Equity Masterclass — while Private Equity Secrets will give you a great look into the world of private equity through the lens of an actual practitioner, it is not a step-by-step walkthrough of how PE transactions are executed. Having reviewed WSP's Private Equiter Masterclass, I must say that it is very detailed and will give even a non-private equiteer a good understanding of the what goes on in a transaction including the analyses, deliverables and the considerations from a private equiteer's point of view. It is close to 30 hours of content that should give you the equivalent experience of a single live deal as a newly minted associate. Use the coupon code EQUITEER for 15% off.

2. Wall Street Oasis Private Equity Master Program — The PE Master Program is Wall Street Oasis’s answer to Wall Street Prep’s PE Masterclass and is even more comprehensive. You will get 12 courses diving deep into both the technical and practical aspects of Private Equity. I think if you are from a non-traditional background or a college student with no prior experience with M&A / Private Equity, this is the all-encompassing course for you.

3. Wall Street Oasis Private Equity Interview Course — Unlike Wall Street Prep’s Private Equity Masterclass, this course was crafted to focus not just on technical skills but primarily on cracking the recruiting process itself. Sometimes in private equity, landing a job is less about showcasing how well you can do the job and more about demonstrating your ability to secure the position. 

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