Your Ticket To Getting Ahead in Private Equity

In 'Private Equity Secrets Revealed', you won't find just another industry story. This book is a compilation of critical observations and lessons from years of firsthand experience in the private equity world. It challenges the notion that conventional wisdom holds all the answers, revealing that true wisdom often lies in questioning these conventions and approaching problems from first principles. This book is your guide to seeing beyond the surface in private equity

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Private Equity Secrets Revealed Is Perfect For:

Job Hunters

Secure a distinctive edge in Private Equity interviews with insights that go far beyond standard textbook techniques and knowledge

Private Equiteers

Discover the secrets and navigate the challenges of the industry, paving your path to become the top-tier Private Equiteer in your firm.

Investment Bankers

Gain hands-on knowledge of the strategic mindset Private Equiteers employ to craft compelling deals that attract Private Equity interest.

Business Owners

Equip yourself in preparation for your journey to raise capital from or sell to Private Equity.

What Readers Say:

" Fantastic stuff. I like your writing style--concise, knowledgeable, and humble. Sold. Thanks for taking the time to put all these thoughts down."

Experienced Investment Banker


" It's great to come across someone who not only knows their stuff but is generous with their knowledge and able to articulate it with clarity."

Director, M&A Specialist


"From about page 10, I couldn't put it down... I didn't agree with everything but I've rethought a few things and learned a lot more "

PE Professional, US PE Firm


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What's Inside The 200+ Pages:

As a collection of journal entries, you can read this book front-to-back, back-to-front, or anywhere in between. Some of my thoughts are already on the blog but I go much deeper and broader in this book.

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Private Equiteers: The Confidantes Behind The Cloak
  3. 3
    Firm & Fund: The Architecture, Anatomy and Arrangement
  4. 4
    Theories & Ideas: There's More Than One Way To... Save A Cat
  5. 5
    Structuring: The Key To Value Preservation In Private Equity
  6. 6
    Banks & Debt: The Key To Value Creation In Private Equity
  7. 7
    Analysis & Due Diligence: Sorting The Plums From The Lemons
  8. 8
    Valuation: Making Sense Of What To Pay
  9. 9
    Entrepreneur: Donning An Important Hat
  10. 10
    Dealmaking: The Art Of Getting In
  11. 11
    Anti-PE: Is It Really Magic Or Just A Con?

Don't Miss Your Chance to Think Like A Private Equiteer

Every industry has its secrets. But it takes practitioners MANY years to learn them and climb the ladder. Private Equity Secrets Revealed will jump start your learning with lessons and experience gained from many years of at the coalface experience as a Private Equiteer. Hope you enjoy the book...

US$59 Now Only US$39

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