The formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity

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Sample Chapter

  1. How To Calculate Working Capital

  2. Does Enterprise Value Include Working Capital?

  3. How to Succeed in a Private Equity Firm

  4. Working Capital: Preparing for Asset Sale

  5. Working Capital Series: Management and Improvements

  6. Drivers of Private Equity Investment Returns and Value Creation

  7. Theory of Unprofitable Customers

  8. Working Capital Series: Locked Box

  9. The Value Add in Private Equity

  10. Private Equity Investing in Franchises

  11. Working Capital Series: Measuring and Monitoring

  12. Working Capital Series: Net Working Capital at Settlement

  13. Working Capital Series: Change in Working Capital Valuation

  14. Working Capital Series: Cash-Positive and Cash-Negative Profiles

  15. Working Capital Series: Drivers

  16. Working Capital Series: Calculation and References

  17. Working Capital Series: Introduction

  18. How to Calculate CAPEX from Financial Statements

  19. Market Due Diligence in Private Equity

  20. Calculate Market Size in Private Equity

  21. When to Use EBITDA vs EBIT

  22. Private Equity Analysis: Correlation vs Causation

  23. Accounting 101: Profit & Loss

  24. Private Equity Valuation: EBITDAC vs EBITDA vs NPAT vs FCF

  25. How Does CAPEX Affect FCF (Free Cash Flow)

  26. Free Cash Flow Analysis in Private Equity

  27. What is CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)?

  28. Characteristics of an Attractive Industry and Market

  29. Private Equity Financial Analysis: Attention to Detail

  30. Private Equity 101: The Amplifying Effect of Decreasing Sales

  31. Private Equity Analysis: Financial Statements In-Depth

  32. Private Equity Risk Management and ISO Principles

  33. Porter’s 5 Forces in Private Equity

  34. Net Asset Adjustment at Settlement

  35. A New Benchmark Risk Free Rate

  36. Types of Private Equity Due Diligence

  37. Hello Private Equiteers

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