Think Like a Private Equiteer

200+ pages exploring the formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity. Private Equity Secrets Revealed will jump start your learning with lessons and experience gained from many years of at the coalface experience as a Private Equiteer

Analysis & Due Diligence

Analysis, accounting & due diligence are staple tasks in private equity investment. It’s important to make your analysis count by applying a surgical focus to a few key investment hypotheses.

Banks & Debt

The secret to private equity investment is receiving leveraged equity returns for debt risk. Banks & debt are therefore an important facet of private equity strategy.


In venture capital, entrepreneurs flock to investors. It's the opposite in later stage private equity because entrepreneurs are already successful. So, dealmaking features heavily in private equity investing.


Most private equiteers have very little hands-on entrepreneurial experience. To really set yourself apart (and connect with portfolio companies), it helps to think, walk and live like a real entrepreneur.

Firm & Fund

Private equity is an investment methodology that is founded on the structure of private equity firms and funds. Day-today life in private equity is helped by an understanding of the bigger picture.

Private Equiteers

As with every industry, it pays to understand the human factors in private equity to ensure your success. Since private equity is so "private", the human dynamics of the investment process are especially important.


In private equity, capital is a commodity. Sustainable returns require thought behind capital deployment. Whether it is financial engineering or adding tangible value to businesses, strategy is a key facet of the private equity investment process. 


If there's one theme that underpins the entire concept of private equity investing it's structuring. The structure of an investment is what helps private equity funds achieve equity returns for debt risk.

Theories & Ideas

Private equity is full of 'conventional wisdom' and baseless platitudes. This section attempts to looks at private equity concepts with a fresh viewpoint and minimal bias.


On the surface, private equity valuation seem very simple: a market multiple multiplied by the latest earnings figure. But once you get your hands dirty, you'll find a lot of complexity, which I cover here.

Anti-Private Equity

Is private equity really magic? Or is it just one big con? Even the most active advocates of private equity have to ask themselves this question from time to time, at a minimum, to understand the criticism.

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