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Following on from my post about listed private equity (LPE), the LPX50 is an index that is commonly referred to in the LPE industry. From the LPX website:

The LPX50 is a global index that consists of the 50 largest liquid LPE companies covered by LPX.

The LPX50 has been absolutely smashed over the past year or so. Some attribute this to the public nature of LPE, some attribute it to the state of all private equity, and some attribute it to the size of these funds (and hence relating the LPX50 performance to that of mega-buyout funds). Either way, you could do a lot worse than buying the LPX50 right now (such as buying it in mid-2007).

The basis is rebalanced account to advance connected according weighting over time. A archetypal broker assuming this rebalancing action is affected to buy at the ask amount and advertise at the bid price. Thus the LPX50 EW is adapted for the bid-ask spread.

The LPX50 is not alone a acceptable criterion basis for Private Equity companies, banks or analysis analysts. It is as well a advantageous apparatus for asset allocation or if analysing the accident contour of an investor.

The LPX50 is a all-around disinterestedness basis covers the 50 better listed Private Equity companies which accomplish assertive clamminess constraints. The basis architecture alignment is embodied and appear in the Guide to the LPX Disinterestedness Indices.

The architecture of the LPX50 ensures that it is investable, tradable and transparent.

The basis is able-bodied adapted beyond regions, investment- and costs styles, and best years. LPX Group publishes a account newsletter that contains the a lot of important characteristics of the LPX50.

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